The Best Program For Weight Loss – Fat Loss Facts

Your Diet Plan to Lose Weight?

Now here’s something most people don’t know: every pound of muscle burns between 40 and 120 calories a day just to sustain itself. Every pound of fat you have burns only 3 calories a day to sustain itself.

Which of these is better for keeping weight off? No surprise there!
Which of these is better for keeping weight off? No surprise there!

So clearly the more muscle you have in proportion to your fat, the quicker, easier and better you’re going to lose weight! If you eat a slice of pizza, your muscle will burn it up much faster than your fat will – and that reduces the amount of fat you store.

If ever there was a virtuous circle, this is it!

Now you know as well as I do that exercise is not only good for you, but it can help you lose weight fast. Indeed a combination of diet and exercise is the ideal way to lose weight quickly – provided you are using the best exercise program to lose weight and the best rapid weight loss diet.

So Dr Charles has very kindly put together an exercise program that everyone will find acceptable – if not downright attractive!

And, just to remind you why you’re doing exercise, Dr Charles provides a summary of the “use it or lose it principle”:

  • If you don’t exercise you will lose your health
  • if you don’t exercise you will lose your attractiveness
  • if you don’t exercise you will lose your focus
  • if you don’t exercise you will lose your muscle
  • if you don’t exercise you will lose your energy supply
  • if you don’t exercise you will lose your youthful looks
  • if you don’t exercise your joints will break down
  • if you don’t exercise your bones will break down
  • And of course that really is more than enough reason to exercise.
  • But the thing to really get clear about is the fact exercise doesn’t have to be hard, or arduous, or unappealing, or difficult, or unattractive.
This is true - you just have to get used to the idea!
This is true – you just have to get used to the idea!

And the great advantage of the exercise program provided with the Fat Loss Factor is that it’s constantly varying, so that your body keeps on adapting and changing.

Your body never gets used to the same workout, so it never stops responding. In other words, exercise and weight loss go together for as long as you want to continue exercising.

And the exercises begin simply: for example by simply sucking in your belly button toward your spine, then holding and repeating. Nothing difficult about that!

Exercise helps you lose weight fast and keep it off - and the Fat Loss Factor offers the best rapid weight loss exercise program around.
Exercise helps you lose weight fast and keep it off – and the Fat Loss Factor offers the best rapid weight loss exercise program around.

And the reason there’s nothing difficult about this best exercise for weight loss program is because the exercise program takes you in baby steps from where you are now to wherever you want to be.

As for cardio exercise, make no mistake about it – it burns fat FAST!

Long, boring cardio sessions are not the best way to do this. There’s a System Called High Intensity Interval Training which is much better at burning fat. It skyrockets your metabolism, which remains high for as long as two days after your workout has finished!

What you need is short bursts of exercise – not long and sustained exercise. We simply weren’t designed for that. We were designed for stop-go activities involving short bursts of exertion.

So here’s a sample of how this translates into a warmup exercise included in The Fat Loss Factor best exercise for weight loss program:

Warmup for 3 to 4 minutes at a fast walk or light jog, and then:
run at level 8 on a treadmill for 1 minute
walk at level 4 for 1.5 minutes
run at level 10 for 1 minute
walk at level 4 for 1.5 minutes

And then repeat these four exercises four times. That gives you an intense 20 minute workout.

And the great thing is there’s nothing difficult about it!

In fact, fat blasting is easy – and the way you can do it is explained in detail in this program. You even get a fantastic Bonus Belly Fat Blaster program free of charge

Bonus Fat Loss Plans

Get a body like this with twelve pound lost in twelve weeks!

male-body-dreamstime_xs_1318217picture-1 (5)

Something important to understand here is that there are lots of exercises you can choose from: you don’t have to get bored, and you don’t have to suffer the repetition of things you don’t even like doing.

Sure, there is running, but there’s also the exercise bike, the elliptical, the cross trainer, bike riding, skipping, rowing, medicine ball plyometrics, circuit trainer, and lots more besides.

Whatever you think of exercise, I don’t believe that I have ever seen a more attractive and potentially useful exercise program than the one set out by Dr Charles here for losing weight fast – in fact, this may be the best diet for weight loss I have ever seen!

It’s All In The Mind – Relax

As you know, life is high-pressure for all of us. We don’t do as much exercise as we’d like, and we don’t eat the right things. But following that routine for years is going to do you no good at all. You can get very stressed, for one thing.

And stress and weight gain are inextricably linked.

Yes, the amazing thing is that you can gain extra weight when you’re stressed even if you’re not eating any more. That sounds incredible, but it’s been proven scientifically, and is due to the fact that cortisol, which is the stress hormone, makes it virtually impossible for your body to get rid of fat.

No matter how well-intentioned you are, if you’re stressed, you might not get the results from dieting and weight loss that you desire.

So let’s look at how you can destress.


First of all it’s important to grasp one basic principle: all you need to succeed is within you now.

The reason you don’t necessarily experience that, or perhaps even believe it, is because you’re not accessing your full personal power.

But the good thing here is that Dr Charles gives you a set of clear instructions about how you can develop a more healthy, less stressed mindset.

And that includes things like developing increased awareness and appreciation of yourself and your body so that you become less self-critical.

You see, effective diets are not just about rapid weight loss or finding the best weight loss producst or the best diet shakes. And diet plans like the Paleo diet and the Mediterranean diet are fads, because they don’t address lifestyle issues like relaxation, stress release, and your deeper motivation.

Fat Loss Factor components
Fat Loss Factor has workout sheets, pdfs, nutrition information, CDs, MP3s, and more!

The Fat Loss Factor is different – it’s about improving the quality of your WHOLE life – so you get information about how to love well.

For example, you get advice on how to keep in touch with your close friends and maintain good relationships with the people you love while living a stressed life (though of course you also get stress reduction tips!)

It allows you to be flexible and adapt to the changing situation around you.

It lets you develop a great sense of humor, to laugh a lot, and to have fun.

And there are many other changes too that this remarkable diet program can help you make: it shows you how you can become optimistic, always seeing the glass as half full, and above all, avoiding worry.

Now who thought that dieting could ever do these things? And of course the point is that this is all about mental attitude.

The Fat Loss Factor is a holistic program which enables you to go well beyond any conventional diet and exercise regime and develop an entirely new outlook on life.

And as an action taker, you might want to consider the benefits of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi as ways of controlling stress, maintaining flexibility, disciplining the mind and body so that there actually under your control and working in your favor.

Other Great Principles To Help You Be the Person You Want To Be

Now please bear in mind that developing a holistic lifestyle isn’t just about loosing weight and dieting.

One of the fantastic things that I enjoyed most about the Fat Loss Factor was the additional information about really taking control of my life.

You see, you can get information here that is as good as anything I’ve ever seen – not on dieting, though that’s obviously true, but also on how to get sufficient rest (- do you know the top seven reasons to get a good nights sleep?)

Or, you can discover 12 great ways to increase the level of relaxation in your life .

And you can get information on how you can look your best – which will always make you feel better! (Women like to be well-groomed, and women like a well-groomed man. How about a Top 10 Makeover Tip list for both men and women? It’s all included!)

And what about the idea of turning your diet program into a lifestyle program?

In other words, once you’ve finished the Fat Loss Factor program – which lasts 12 weeks, as you might remember – how about taking the LifeStyle elements of it and changing your entire life so that it reflects the benefits you’ve experienced while you’ve been enjoying the different steps and stages of the weight loss plan and the exercise plan?

You see, this fantastic information is about bringing balance to every area of your life.

How about developing greater self-motivation? That should help you lose weight fast!

Well, all the information you need to do it is here – setting goals, using affirmations, getting an accountability partner, reprogramming your mind for success… Eat your heart out, Tony Robbins!

And you may have heard of some of the other techniques that are referred to in this extraordinary diet program, including positive thinking, practicing gratitude, having a relationship with your creator, spirituality, EFT, changing your brain so that it thinks and acts positively not negatively, developing love in your life (both your feeling of being loved, and your ability to love others).

What a powerful program! It goes way beyond being one of the best diets for women (and men) – it is recipe both for weight loss and a recipe for a better life!

Mental attitude and dieting