One of the free bonuses that everybody who buys into the Fat Loss Factor gets is The Ultimate Interval Sequence – A 14 Day Protocol To Losing All Your Lower Abdomen Fat.

Now that’s a heck of a claim, so we ought to check it out!

But here’s a thing! One of the interesting points that the author of this protocol –  well-known fitness expert Shaun Hadsall – makes is that when you see your weight dropping off, the focus and attention that you brought to that seems to spread into every other area of your life.

It’s about self-discipline, isn’t it?

And of course self-discipline spreads – because when you succeed at something that’s as potentially tricky as losing weight, and requires a great strategy for succeeding, you can apply the lessons you’ve learned to every area of your life.

The strategy used here for losing weight from your belly is all about something called Adaptive Response.

And what that means is that it’s a method of getting round your body’s ability to outwit you when it comes to losing fat – or, as your body would see it, maintaining a store of fat against hard times.

What you need to lose fat is an aggressive, efficient exercise strategy that is specifically designed to burn off stubborn fat.

And that’s what you get in this exercise program. It’s just one of the many free bonuses with The Fat Loss Factor (and don’t forget that’s already one of the best weight loss diets around).

Even better, this isn’t just for hardened gym freaks or exercise fanatics!

So here’s the thing – Interval Training is the best way to get rid of laid down fat.

Intervals – also known as metabolic bursts – are simply very hard and short bursts of exercise, followed by an active recovery period which lets the heart rate come back down to normal before repeating another interval training.

But these intervals are different. They are harder and shorter and produce catecholamines. Those are fight or flight hormones which are produced by the adrenal glands in response to high-intensity bursting. They do two things: they break apart stubborn body fat into its components, and then they release it into the bloodstream.

And here’s the important thing: this is the most efficient way of burning residual fat.

And in addition, the catecholamines that are produced with intensive interval training lower insulin, raise growth hormone, and produce endorphins. No wonder you feel great after you’ve done some interval training at high-intensity!

In addition, you get the most fantastic metabolic impact for 24 – 48 hours after doing one session of no more than 20 minutes’ high-intensity interval training.

But of course nothing succeeds for you unless it’s fun – well, take it from me, high-intensity interval training is one of the greatest stress relievers you can find.

What more could you want? High intensity stress relief and one of the best weight loss diets around!

So what could be wrong with this? High-intensity exercise makes you feel great, helps you lose weight fast, gets rid of the stubborn fat in hard to shift areas, makes you feel like a million dollars, and produces an effect that carries on for two days after you finish training!

This is a phenomenal way of training which goes well beyond traditional cardiovascular exercise.

In this free bonus you’ll find several vital sets of exercise programs:

You get a 12 minute protocol for the introductory, Intense Fat Burning Program.

You’ll get the Ultimate Cardio Sequence, and you get the Strategic Interval Bursting Protocol.

OK, these may be fancy names for these simple but intense programs – but you can go beyond the names, just use the programs, and realize the benefits almost immediately.

And one of the most impressive and interesting effects of the Ultimate Cardio Strategy is to stabilize and lower insulin – and that’s essential because you can’t get rid of fat when insulin is in the bloodstream. It also warms up the muscles to prevent injury and creates more blood flow.

These are vital precursors to intense bursts of exercise.

And you might have noticed that earlier on I said this exercise program would release fat into the bloodstream.

Well, if you don’t do something with that fat once it’s there, it’s going to be laid down again – which isn’t much use if you’re trying to shift stubborn abdominal fat!

The key difference between the Ultimate Cardio Sequence and other intense exercise programs is that this routine is scientifically proven to burn off fat and stop it being laid down again.

This is a fantastic bonus, which is simply going to make losing weight around your waist so, so easy!

Make dieting easy and successful with this great weight loss system!